Here are some easy-to-use online calculators to help you solve some common financial problems. Key Features. In addition to our personal checking accounts, Security First Bank offers money market accounts for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of earning a higher interest rate when saving money, while having the flexibility to access their funds.. A money market account (MMA) is similar to a savings account but with a higher interest rate contingent on your account’s balance. Renewal: This account will automatically renew. We’re here to help our local businesses. $2,500.00 minimum deposit to open account, … * 18 Month .45%.45% *Annual Percentage Yield. Rate and Annual Percentage Yield Information: Certificates of Deposit are interest-bearing accounts. Please ask any Customer Service Representative for more information. We use the daily-balance-method to calculate interest payments on your account. Security BankUSA requires that you read our privacy policy before you can access our applications. Interest rates are tiered based on the balance maintained in the account. Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yield Current as of December 1st, 2020. These rates may change at any time without prior notice. Please refer to the updated rates indicated earlier in this page or inquire about them at any Security Bank branch. Rates subject to change. Choose short-term CDs of one month to one year. For current rates… If your average monthly balance is $10,000 or less, the interest rate paid on the entire balance in your account will be 1.00% with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 1.00%. FDIC insurance is available on CDs up to normal insurance limits. Monthly interest rate. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) This method applies a daily periodic rate to principal balance in your account each day. ‡ 15-month Certificate of Deposit accounts will automatically renew at the 12-month Certificate of Deposit term. Please refer to the updated rates indicated earlier in this page or inquire about them at any Security Bank branch. Effectivity Date. Tax rates applied in this calculator are 20% for Peso and 15% for Dollar. Security Bank housing loans are some of the most flexible loans available, allowing you to pay more on your mortgage when you have extra, or less if your financial situation is a little tight, at no extra cost. Terms and conditions vary. Security Bank offers some of the best rates around. Click to proceed. Please log in with your username and password. Consolidate all your credit card balances thru Security Bank lowest balance transfer rate Income Requirement: PHP180,000.00 Gross Annual Income Monthly Effective Interest Rate 3.50 % View certificate of deposit (CD) rates provided by Security Savings Bank. 6.25%. eRewards effective 11/01/2020, and all rates subject to change daily. For Certificates of Deposit 12 months to 23 months, a penalty of 6 months interest may be imposed. * A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.† Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change after account opening. © 2020 Security Bank & Trust Co. All Rights Reserved. Knowledgeable and stable farm loan source for your operation. Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are subject to change after account opening. An interest rate of .15% will be paid only for the portion of the daily balance which is greater $5000. What's so great about Security Bank Personal Loan? For rate information on FHA/VA and Conventional Fixed Rate financing, please call the Mortgage Loan Center at (712) 277-6785 or contact us online..